Studies & Clinical Data A collection of OPED's clinical studies



Product Year Study
VACOped 2017 Summary ATR Treatment with VACOped
2016 Functional dynamic bracing and functional rehabilitation for Achilles tendon ruptures
2015 The treatment of a rupture of the Achilles tendon using a dedicated management programme
2007 The dynamic vacuum orthosis: a functional and economical benefit?
2006 Shortened rehabilitation of ankle fractures using a vacuum orthosis
2000 Cast Immobilization or Vacuum Stabilizing System?
VACOcast/VACOped Diabetic 2020 Next Generation of Pressure Relief (Publication)
Next Generation of Pressure Relief (Summary)
2019 Evaluating a removable knee-high cast walker within the diabetic foot pathway
2019 IWGDF Guidelines (Publication)
IWGDF Guidelines (Summary of Key Statements)
2017 Comparison of Offloading Devices (Publication)
Comparison of Offloading Devices (Summary)
2009 Use of the VACOped Diabetic in the Care of DFS
2009 A comparative investigation of plantar pressure relief through VACOdiaped vacuum orthoses from OPED®
2007 Post-Operative Care Through New Special Shoe
2007 The efficacy of the VACOdiaped+ diabetic foot system in reducing plantar forefoot pressures in diabetic neuropathic patients
VADOplex 1992-2015 Study Leaflet for Mechanical DVT Prevention
1990-2002 Summary Clinical Review I Abstracts Reference A-V Impulse System™ for Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis, Oedema-Management and Pulmonary Embolism
1991-2001 Summary Clinical Review II Abstracts reference A-V Impulse System™ for Peripheral Vascular Disease
VACOhand Radius 2015 Early Functional Postoperative Therapy of Distal Radius Fracture with a Dynamic Orthosis: Results of a Prospective Randomized Cross-Over Comparative Study
CAMOped 2006 The Use of Motion Splints in the Follow-up Treatment of ACL Plasty
2003 Rehabilitation after ACL-Reconstruction with the Active CPM CAMO®PED