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How to get an OPED product?

In the first instance your local NHS or Private hospital may already stock the OPED products you require. If we haven’t managed to speak with them yet our products are available for you to purchase on line or over the phone. We will ask some questions but this will allow us to ensure that whoever is looking after you, your experience in our OPED product is the best it can be. If you work within the NHS or a private hospital group – please contact your local Account Manager to discuss how we can support your decision to use our products.

How do I get your products if I live in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland?

If you would like to purchase an OPED Product in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland or have any queries please see the contact details below

Unit A2, Airside Enterprise Centre
Airside Business Park, Swords
Co. Dublin K67 EC56, Ireland

Tel +353 (0)1 8970030
Fax +353 (0)1 8900895

How to apply?

Applying your product is simple, but that’s very easy for us to say as we’ve fitted one or two. If you get stuck and you aren’t sure please don’t hesitate to contact us. All our staff are trained across the whole portfolio so give us a call on 01380 722177 as we are always happy to help! In addition we have fitting videos available via our YouTube channel

Are there Studies & clinical data available?

Click here to see all available documents: Studies and clinical data.

How long will the sole last before I need to replace it?

As a guideline we say 12 weeks, however, it has been known for patients with a more ‘outdoor’ career/hobby to need to replace the sole more often. One patient didn’t let his injury slow him down, we have photographic evidence of him on his combine harvester wearing his boot!

Can I buy replacement/spare soles for my VACOped?

Yes of course, all our accessories and spare parts are available to buy from our online shop alternatively, give us a call on 01380 722177 to place orders over the telephone. Please take notice that we only sell to customers from mainland UK.

Can I buy spare liners for my VACOped?

The VACOped comes with a spare liner but all accessories and lifestyle items are available online from our online shop. Alternatively, give us a call on 01380 722177 as we are always happy to help! Please take notice that we only sell to customers from mainland UK.

Can I wash my VACOped, if so what with?

Washing your VACOped is no problem simply, wipe clean with warm soapy water and then dry off with a towel.

Can I buy a rain cover for my VACOped?

Living in the UK means living with rain, sleet and snow! For extra protection for your boot we have a rain cover available from our online shop that fits over the base of the boot and offers protection against those wintery down pours. Please take notice that we only sell to customers from mainland UK.

Why does it feel odd in the arch of my foot?

The feeling in the arch of your foot is due to our patented VACO12 vacuum technology forming to the shape of your foot. This means instead of your arch being empty, it is filled with tiny beads that have been vacuumed of air and are now sitting close against your arch. You should get used to this sensation in a couple of days of wearing your boot.

Do they come in left and rights?

All of our boots are universal which means that they can be worn on either foot.

I am left handed can I change the straps round?

Left or right handed the straps are totally flexible dependant on your preference. With a twist and pull motion, the straps and hooks can be removed and simply fitted back onto the boot on the opposite side. For further guidance, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01380 722177 we are always happy to help!

Can I walk without the sole on?

You should NEVER weight bear without one of the soles attached. Although there are non-slip grips on the base of the boots this is only for safety at night should you place your foot on the floor when the sole is off. The sole is removable, so should you have to wear the boot permanently for a short period it can be removed for bed.

Can I travel on an aeroplane with my boot on?

We hope you will never experience an injury before travelling abroad for your holidays but if you do, don’t worry as all of our boots can be worn to travel by road, rail or plane! Please always consult your healthcare team before travelling.

Can I wash my terry liner?

Yes! Always remove the white vacuum cushion from the terry liner first. Make sure the zip is closed and then you can wash in your washing machine on 60° cycle.

Can I go swimming in my boot?

Whether it is for pleasure or for early rehab/physiotherapy, you can wear your boot into the pool. Simply towel dry the shell and swap to your spare dry liner when you are finished.